When Wilhelm Rüter planned his hotel more than forty years ago, he wanted to create a restaurant in the completely renovated “Central Hotel” that would attract all generations over the decades. The founder of the Kaiserhof, who was a family man trained as a butcher and a gourmand through and through, wanted the location to be spacious and noble, with warm colours and rustic materials but also bright and cosy. He wanted it to be centred around regional cuisine with a seasonal emphasis, or what we call “Heimatfood” today. This gave birth to the Brunnenhof restaurant.

It is named after the well-preserved fountain with fish in the inner courtyard. As a visible sign for the enjoyment that was always the focus of the Brunnenhof, Wilhelm Rüter left the kitchen open so patrons could have an unobstructed view of the cooks at work with pots and stoves. Anyone who sees them in action today will have an appetite for the freshly prepared classic dishes and delicacies from German cuisine such as Wiener Schnitzel, Trout Müllerin, Onion roast or Grandma’s beef rouladen stewed in Burgundy sauce with French beans and parsley potatoes – “Heimatfood” at its best!

A large selection of wines predominately of German cultivation from the well-appointed wine cellar also complement the warm atmosphere. The Brunnenhof kitchen is open every day from 12:00 am to 10:30 pm. Seasonal specials such as asparagus, matjes, mushrooms, game, goose and duck as well as events such as gin tastings and the Kaiserhof Oktoberfest also provide attractive variety. A changing variety of dishes is served for lunch each day from 12:00 am to 03:00 pm and has long been a popular destination for business people, trade-fair visitors and shoppers. The Cherry Room in the cellar offers a retreat for private celebrations in an intimate setting.


The separate club room in the Brunnenhof restaurant offers space for up to 25 people and can be rented for private parties. The small, cosy, rustic dining room has precious cherry-wood panelling, which gives it its characteristic warm, reddish-brown hue. Whether it’s birthday parties, anniversaries, private or business events or other celebrations in an intimate setting, the Cherry Room fits a variety of wonderful occasions. Enjoy a special menu, tailored to your personal invitation, with seasonal specials and sweet extra wishes such as birthday and theme cakes from our in-house pâtisserie and exquisite wines and champagnes from our well-stocked wine cellar. We would be happy to discuss your plans and help you with the organisation.