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Our conference and event rooms

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at the Pulse of Hanover

Little Vienna

Little Vienna is one of our most exclusive event venues. Whether it’s family celebrations, baptism, wedding parties, business dinners or a gathering – Little Vienna is distinguished by its special atmosphere and wonderful view of our historic main railway station.

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Cherry Room

Tradition meets class. The Cherry Room is one of the most historic rooms in the hotel. The cherry-wood panelling and natural stone floor provides the Cherry Room with its charm and its name.

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Salon 1

Salon 1 is a chambre séparée with a stylish bar with space for up to five people. Combined directly with salons 2 + 3 + 4, it is a wonderful complement for large company conferences, press conferences or board meetings and provides a small corner where people can stand together and talk. On its own, salon 1 has an area of ​​20 m2 for small diners, small meetings or private get-togethers.

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Salon 2

Business meetings, job interviews or business dinners – our stylish salon 2 can accommodate groups of up to 25 people seated and up to 30 people standing.

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Salon 3

Whether it’s for a job interview, meeting, or intimate business dinner – the salon offers space for up to 12 people. It is distinguished by its unique view, brightness and high ceilings. The 21 m2 room is air-conditioned like the other salons and equipped with state-of-the-art communication technology and free Wi-Fi.

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Salon 4

Our wonderful salon offers one of the most beautiful views of the historic Hannover main railway station. Flooded with daylight from two directions, it offers space for up to 35 people in a total area of 40 m2.

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Room combination 3+4

Our 61 m2 conference room combination is suited for up to 40 people. The sophisticated salon offers natural daylight and state-of-the-art technology. The stylish atmosphere with a view of Ernst August Square is excellent for conferences and celebrations of any kind.

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Room combination 2+3

This room combination is an ideal space for medium-sized conferences, board meetings and business events. The elegant atmosphere inspires creativity and communication with state-of-the-art technology. This room combination has an area of 52 m2 and offers space for up to 40 people.

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Salon 5

This exceptionally beautiful salon is the ideal setting for fabulous events of all kinds such as family celebrations, weddings, company meetings or press conferences.

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Room combination 1-4

Our largest conference room with an area of ​​115 m2 and a view of the historic railway station is ideal for lectures, conferences, parliamentary seating or long, festive tables. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art technology, an integrated screen as well as air-conditioning and sound system. The built-in bar also means it’s an ideal location for casual get-togethers before or after your event. The room combination offers space for up to 100 people seated or 180 standing

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